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At Creative Dock, we applied GenAI for AI transformation as early as 2022. The efficiency of the largest venture builder in Europe and the MENA region was substantially enhanced, doubling product speed to market and decreasing costs significantly.

Based on the initial success, our team started to work for external clients of Creative Dock in banking, insurance, FMCG, and manufacturing. We established an AI real-life application boutique based on our clients' interests. Whether it's the use of AI in data analysis, AI for human resources, AI for customer service, or the application of AI in other areas.

Today, Creative Dock provides venture building, AI transformations & AI optimisation, and strategic foresight.
We have invested our resources to experiment with scaling AI technology in our venture-building multilayered international organisation. This has empowered us to offer a variety of AI services to large multinational clients.

We combine the best-in-class AI technologies, own AI products and building blocks, and utilise cutting-edge methodologies.

Our two guiding principles based on our learnings:

  • Gen AI application empowers people. Technology allows change from the bottom of the organisation and makes switching to new business models much more accessible.
  • Scaling is always a 50/50 challenge between technology and change management.

Our products & building blocks

GenAI Chatbots

Elevate your Customer Experience with AI

Knowledge Base and AI Search

Unleash the Potential of Your Organisation's Knowledge

Autonomous Agents

Take Your Productivity to New Heights with AI

Synthetic Personas

Fast-Track Your Product Development with Synthetic User Personas

AI Transformation

Optimise Your Business, Upscale Your People


Transform Into an AI-Driven Business with Confidence and Insight

selected case studies

Solar panels

AI Transformation in European Banking

A girl holding a phone showing Fairo, a financial mobile app for freelancers

AI-driven due diligence

Preview of multiple Muj Albert mobile app screens

AI & Retail

selected creative dock group clients



Retail and FMCG


Energy and Telecommunications



ETH AI Center’s Collaboration with Creative Dock represents a pioneering partnership, uniting ETH’s cutting-edge AI research and academic prowess with Creative Dock’s practical, innovative business applications. Together, they are working to translate academic AI breakthroughs into scalable, real-world solutions for businesses, driving transformative change across industries.

This partnership is boosted by ETH’s research strength, notably its participation in the Swiss LLM initiative, which aims to create trustworthy generative AI focusing on open source and domain-specific foundation models. Furthermore, Prof. Andreas Krause, Chair of the ETH AI Center and one of the key contributors to this initiative, has been appointed to the UN’s Advisory Board on Artificial Intelligence.

Together, ETH AI Center and Creative Dock are setting the stage for the future of AI in business, academia and beyond.

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The strategic cooperation between Creative Dock and Microsoft harnesses Microsoft’s formidable cloud computing and AI technologies alongside Creative Dock’s agile approach to innovation and digital transformation. This powerful alliance aims to accelerate the development and deployment of cutting-edge AI solutions, empowering businesses to achieve more with advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and scalable cloud infrastructure, setting new benchmarks for industry excellence and digital leadership.

Creative Dock is building information retrieval solutions for their customers, which are also based on Microsoft’s powerful Azure AI Search suite. They integrate OpenAI and OS models via Azure AI Services for customer-facing chatbot solutions.

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The partnership between Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), part of Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU), and Creative Dock leverages the University’s specialised capabilities in Large Language Models (LLMs) for Arabic languages, blending this expertise with Creative Dock’s prowess in turning innovative ideas into market-ready solutions. This collaboration aims to unlock new possibilities in AI, particularly in understanding and processing Arabic languages at an unprecedented scale, to drive forward technological innovation and business transformation in the Arabic-speaking world.

QCRI, set up in 2010 by the Qatar Foundation, is about moving Qatar from relying on oil to becoming a knowledge and innovation hub. It’s focused on big computing challenges that matter for Qatar’s future and the wider Arab region. With top-notch research in Arabic tech, social media analysis, data science, and cyber security, QCRI is working on making a big impact not just in Qatar but around the world.

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latest Insights

Every company possesses a rich internal knowledge repository and other invaluable data scattered and buried in folders, files, and formats. Thanks to GenAI, researchers in Creative Dock discovered a way to structure and analyse this knowledge and make it easily accessible to anyone – no need for any tech background. The answers you need are just a few clicks away with GRIX.

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"We had no choice but to disrupt ourselves," says Martin Pejsa, Founder & Chairman of Creative Dock. “We had to integrate AI into the company's core, seize the significant business opportunity it presents, or face the risk of becoming obsolete within 2 to 3 years.” As a result, Creative Dock is one of the leading companies in Europe and MENA to implement Gen AI across various industries.

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Creative Dock announced a strategic collaboration with the ETH AI Center in a groundbreaking move. This aligns the expertise of corporate venture building and efficiency enhancement through AI on Creative Dock’s side with the research prowess of one of the world's most prestigious academic institutions at ETH. This partnership signifies the fusion of visionary research with real-world implementation, marking an essential step in the evolution of artificial intelligence from research collaboration to real-world business propositions.

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At CreativeDock, our journey with AI in product development has been transformative. While GenAI can help with small tasks in product development, e.g. crafting epics and tasks for developers or drafting scrum processes, the real game changer comes when we zoom out and look at the big picture of product development optimisation.

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Have you ever wondered what makes a successful GenAI project? Is it the model, the data, the tech stack, or something else? At Creative Dock, we have been working on various GenAI projects internally and helping other companies use GenAI to optimise their businesses or launch innovative solutions. Along this journey, we have discovered that the most crucial factor for GenAI's success is often overlooked – the team crafting the solutions.

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Pioneering AI tools usage in venture building for years grants an incredible headstart. Creative Dock has been utilising AI, particularly machine learning tools, for solutions developed in ventures for clients across various industries for many years. This included venture building within e-health, the construction industry, retail, fintech, and insurtech.

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